Lake Ozarks Grotto

                                                                     Cave Exploration and Preservation

Watch the Nov 2012 interview that KY3 did about Goodwin Pit and cave.

Goodwin Pit sinkhole and cave, located in Laclede County, MO is an important karst feature that consists of a major sinkhole and the entrance to Goodwin Pit Cave. It has been used a illegal  dumping site for over 60 years. In 2012, the site was donated to the Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy and several organizations including the Lake of the Ozarks Grotto began cleaning up. To date, over 1500 tires, 3000 pounds of scrap metal and several hundred tons of trash have been removed. Work continues when the weather permits and volunteers are always needed. For more information about how you can help including where to make donations to help with the project, please contact the MCKC.

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